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The maestro has left Discworld for his second novel of the year and the squillionth of his career, swapping Ankh-Morpork for the possibly even danker and ranker world of early-Victorian London in one of three London-based fantasies reviewed here.

Our Dickensian heroes are Dodger - a scavenger in Victorian London's noisome sewers - and Dickens himself .

One dark and stormy night, they come to the rescue of a beautiful, golden-haired girl, who's trying to escape the violent clutches of her abusive husband and his dastardly henchmen.

Dodger climbs out of the gutter and smartens himself up because he's fallen in love with the mysterious victim and is set on finding and punching the daylights out of the culprits.

Also featuring Sweeney Todd, Benjamin Disraeli and Sir Tel's pitch-perfect chirpiness. Wonderful.

THE CITY'S SON BY TOM POLLOCK (Jo Fletcher Books £12.99)

After teenage graffiti artist Beth Bradley is attacked by a ghost-train and saved by a strange thin urchin, she finds herself drawn into London's secret netherworld.

Unnoticed by its normal residents, this spooky underground is abuzz with talk of the return after 16 years of the boy's goddess mother, the Lady of the Streets, and her looming conflict with Reach, the Crane King, lurking in his lair beneath St Paul's and ready to do battle for the Skyscraper Throne.

But as Beth will find out, just who is on whose side isn't as clear as it seems in this urban fantasy of voice-eating spiders, railwraiths and dancing Sodiumites.

This is Tom Pollock's debut novel and the first of a projected trilogy. Vivid, inventive - and truly weird.


It's 1862 and London is under threat from the undead. Armed with their garlic and their stakes and preparing to do battle for the Victorian Londoners'  Tour Campuchia immortal souls are a reformed prostitute and her sometime lover plus the pre-Raphaelite siblings, artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his sister, the poet Christina, Tour Campuchia giá rẻ who has unwittingly awoken the unholy spirit of their vampiric uncle.

Christina Rossetti, vampire-slayer? Sounds preposterous, I know, but Tim Powers is a highly talented, much-lauded writer who does a terrific job of grounding the darkest and wildest of vampiric fantasies in carefully researched historical Tour Campuchia giá rẻ and literary reality.

Intelligent, gripping and nicely terrifying to boot.