Picking The Right Carpet Cleaner

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Picking the right carpet cleaning company is not an easy thing for somebody who is not in the carpet cleaning industry. To an outsider, all of the companies look the same and it can be hard to separate the good ones from the bad ones. It is an important decision though because there definitely is a difference between companies. Keep reading and learn about the easiest ways to find a good carpet cleaning company.

The first thing that you need to look at is which method of carpet cleaning that they employ. Dry cleaning methods are capable of improving the appearance of your floors but do little to remove deep down soil. The only method that has been endorsed by nearly every manufacturer of carpet is hot water extraction. you might know it better as steam cleaning and it is the safest and most effective method of carpet cleaning. Insist that your carpet is cleaned with this method.

Next, you need to look at what kind of equipment your carpet cleaner is using. Many cleaners use portable cleaning systems that run off of your homes electrical system. 120 volts of current does not give the carpet cleaner much power to work with so these cheaper machines are capable of limited heat and vacuum power. The cleaner who is looking to get the best results will use a truck mounted carpet cleaning system. Not every carpet cleaner uses one of these systems because of the expense, but those who do have made a commitment to quality. These machines, powered by a gas engine mounted in the van, can achieve very high heat and vacuum. This will leave your carpet cleaner and get it dry in just a few hours, in most cases.

Another area that you must pay attention to is the pricing method used by your carpet cleaner. Some are designed to merely attract your attention and then fleece you of every penny. Avoid cleaners with an ultra low basic price such as $10 a room. No cleaner can charge this and stay in business. They will have hidden fees and charges. Look for a cleaner with a moderate price that states that there are absolutely no extra charges. The cleaning cost should include at a minimum, pre-spray, spot cleaning and extraction.

Finally, look at who will be doing the professional cleaning London themselves. Avoid large companies where high employee turnover will give you inexperienced cleaning technicians. Instead look for a small company where quality is still a focus. Ideally, the owner of the company themselves will be doing all of the work. This will give you the most experienced and the most dedicated carpet cleaner on the job.

By paying attention to the areas listed above, you will greatly improve your odds of finding a good carpet cleaner. So, do your research but also be sure to listen to your heart. If you are not comfortable with a cleaner on the phone, it will not get better in your home. Choose a cleaner that meets the above requirements and that you feel comfortable with for the best odds of success.